Aboutthe platform

“Mentors v tylu” is a place for experience and skills sharing among mentors and mentees.

We will suggest you a direction for development and find a required mentor. Improve the necessary skills at your own convenient pace. 


Why have “Mentors v tylu” launched

  • 1.

    Everyone is "treated" identically.

    Usually courses are formed acoording to some templates without taking into account the previous experience of a student, his or her peculiarities and the speed of comprehension. Everyone studies everything. Imagine doctors do the same: one pill is for all diseases. Study is a kind of treatment, that's why it's significant to examine anamnesis to get a diagnosis and prescribe the right medication.

  • 2.

    You have to pay even if you know a part of material.

    You cannot adapt a course to your knowledge. If you have already studied this part anyway you have to pay, listen to lectures, do hometasks. You just waste your money and time. 

  • 3.

    Courses are expensive.

    A market is growing faster than courses adaptation to changes. When you need to solve some issue here and now, you do not have time to wait for weeks.

  • 4.

    Knowledge is available everywhere, but very few people help to apply it.

    Now access to knowledge is almost unlimited. Google can find everything. But it is important not only to know but to apply knowledge. Mentor is a person can help to master both theory and practice. 

  • 5.

    Your acquaintance is not always the best expert.

    Even if you know someone who is working in a similar sphere he or she does not have time for this always and he or she cannot teach well. Our mentors have already had their experience of teaching and free hours for sessions every month.

Advantages of “Mentors v tylu”

Study what you want and whom you want with

The platform allows to find a mentor, whom you will study and grow comfortably with. Choose your ideal mentor among dozens of experts in various directions. 

Individual growth

A mentor makes a map of your development and at the end checks whether you have managed to achieve the final target.

Pay for what you need

You do not need to study already known material. You choose only what you really need.  

Objective rating of a mentor

Mentors are graded by the same mentees as you are. Nobody, even administrator cannot cheat with ratings.

How it works



Before a session a mentor studies a mentee's profile, his or her work experience and primary purpose of mentorship.


Development map

Then a mentor makes an individual map and form a plan of personal development.


Power is in practice

Then together you master the necesary skills step by step: practice → feedback → progress.


Fixation of a result

The final session — you sum up results and discuss possible questions.  

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